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With everyone so focused on The Hunger Games [star, Josh Hutcherson is a bow tie fan] & b-ball brackets [as art], it’s nice to get lost in old news and unearth some hidden gems.  In the past I’ve covered dwindling #bowtielove in Congress and some impressive gifts for your menfolk on those busy indoor days.

Today’s #BowTieFriday is an investigative piece into the ad below for Banjo Billy’s Fun Boat (1961 to 1970). Take a look before I begin:

Image Credit: The Miami News. March 2, 1964.A Google search for 'Banjo Billy' or 'Banjo Billy's Fun Boat' will bring up a few forum threads of people looking to connect with others that watched or were on the show.  This was clearly not enough for one [slighty crazy] gentleman, the self-titled Stan the Man.  Stan hunted down Banjo Billy (alive and well in Melbourne, FL) and pulled together the following "interview."  I use that word quite loosely.

Are you obsessed with Billy? I almost want to start a petition to get this man back in the spotlight, Betty White-style.

Now to bring this whole story to the present day, and a bit of a somber note, occassional show guest and host of Jumpin’ Jack’s Four O’ Clock Club Jack O'Brien passed away Monday, March 19, at the ripe age of 84. Look at this guy's bow tie #swoon.

Image Credit: Miami Herald March 2012.Jumpin' Jack - whereever you are, I know there is a big bow tie in the sky looking down on us with a smile.  Now let's all get Banjo Billy back on TV!

PS: Only 28 days to go!  {Every $1 helps}

PPS: I'm lounge DJ-ing ¡WHATEVER! tonight at Deity! 10p - 4a! 368 Atlantic Ave! $10! Free Chambord Vodka 10p - 11p!

PPPS: I could never resist a coloring contest.... hope I win!



Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/03/20/2706712/jack-obrien-local-tv-host-for.html#storylink=cpy